Bass Oil & Chemicals, LLC was established in 1988.  The company’s primary focus is marketing and distribution of its lubricant products within the greater New York City area.  In a short period of time, Bass products became popular and grew with additional distribution in neighboring states and export.

Bass Oil & Chemicals, LLC is a supplier of automotive and industrial lubricants.  We have continually modified and expanded our product line to accommodate the changing needs of our customers.  In our automotive line, we now carry a complete inventory listing of automotive lubricant which include all viscosity grades of oil.  Branded synthetic automotive lubricants are also stocked to accommodate the newer and more demanding specifications and maintenance requirements of today’s fleets and heavy- duty equipment.  This extensive product line finds itself in a wide range of service industries, including automotive repair and retail; in-site automotive service maintenance; and fleet maintenance.

Bass Oil has changed with the times to effectively support all types of customers.  We are very sensitive to customer needs not only with quality product specifications, but also with availability, just in-time inventory management, and cost controls.  Many popular products are manufactured and warehoused at the state-of-the-art production and distribution facility located in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY.  Our products are marketing in both bulk and case goods to suit all needs.  Customer orders are shipped from our facilities usually the following day either by our fleet of trucks or by specified commercial carrier.